PRICE: $29.95

“Your handling of the Haunted Pack is by far the best


I have ever seen… Both the Haunted Pack and the Spinning


Fork are going directly into my show!

Gary Kurtz

Its fascinating and insightful.

Wayne N. Kawamoto

I never leave home without it!

Criss Angel

In this one of a kind DVD set, hosted by Luna Shimada, for the first time together, Master Magicians Finn Jon & Yigal Mesika, unveil the best kept inside secrets to using Loops. Learn first-hand, from the Creator and Innovator of this versatile and powerful apparatus how to easily perform impossible effects using normal, everyday objects. If you’ve ever wanted to create the illusion of having “supernatural powers” that will mesmerize the most discriminating audiences, here are the secrets…

PRICE: $29.95

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