PRICE: $199.95

A very powerful way to spark a reaction!

David Blaine

Brilliant and electrifying


“Many of Yigal’s products are incredible innovative,


clever and a must for those who wants to create miracles


anywhere at anytime!

Criss Angel

Electric Touch + gives you the extraordinary ability to deliver an electrostatic shock that will not only surge through your fingertips, but through your entire body as well — and that’s just for starters! Watch your audience gasp in astonishment as your charge everyday objects like keys, rings and spoons. They will actually see, hear, and feel the immense power at your command!

When the original Electric Touch was announced, magicians and mentalists worldwide had just one question: “Is this really possible?” When they discovered the groundbreaking technology, they were amazed by its brilliance, practicality and versatility. Now the international best seller is back and better than ever with new and improved technology. Here’s your chance to bend the laws of nature and create jaw-dropping miracles.

PRICE: $199.95

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